What our Guests are Saying about Casa de Tortugas

I wanted to say that we had a wonderful time for our time at Casa de Tortuas. I was not able to fill out the form in my email on what we thought of the place, so I am doing it this way. We were very happy with our host and with Maria. They were both sensitive to what we needed and I am so happy that they were there. They definitely helped us with becoming comfortable. Javier went the extra distance when one of our group needed to see a Dr. and he got them to the Dr. That was very kind of him. My worries about having a housekeeper were dashed to the wayside with maria’s wonderful actions and I’m so glad she was there. Her meals were so nice to have also. The house was even nicer than I thought it would be (usually it’s the opposite)! The gardener has done a wonderful job also. Very nice. We do feel like we would recommend the Casa to friends.

Thank you for your vacation home and allowing us to be there. We were able to relax and enjoy the simple small village and warm water.

Peace — Maryellen and Rob McKee

We are back home  and want to tell you what a wonderful time we had during our stay in Chacala.  Casa de Tortugas was as advertised, and we anticipate returning with an even larger group in the future.  Special mention goes to the housekeeper, who was prompt and efficient.  She quickly replaced a faulty coffee maker and broken blender jar, provided a pot large enough to cook pasta and lobsters, and kept the place spic and span.   The house manager checked in every day to see if all was OK He was a great help, too.  The gardener is doing a brilliant job with the greenery.  We agree that it is the nicest house in Chacala. — Bob and Barbara

“The rooms (at Casa de Tortugas) were fabulous and large, the pool was a godsend and we really appreciated how clean and well maintained the area was. The pool and grounds were a highlight because I love gardening. We would definitely recommend Casa de Tortugas to our friends.  It was lovely and very welcoming.” — L. Pelletier

“The rooms were very nice, tastefully appointed, pool and grounds were lovely and tasteful” — S. Titmann

“Pool and grounds were wonderful. We were impressed with everything. We would recommend Casa de Tortugas to our friends as we really like Chacala and you have a very beautiful casa and location.” — B. Cave

“First of all, a heartfelt thanks for making us feel so welcome during our stay. Gregg was the first person to respond to a number of e-mails.The tone of the e-mail was friendly and inviting. We took Gregg’s advice and used Cundo and Trini. Their service was punctual and first-class at all times.

The rooms were bright, clean and well-maintained. Maria was a cheerful and conscientious presence every morning. Personally, I loved the shower. The grounds and pool were also immaculate. Sitting by the poolside was one of the highlights.

We have already recommended the facility to others. It has to be for those who are looking for a tranquil get-away. Not a good spot for party animals!

As already mentioned, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Casa de Tortugas and hope that we may be able to return at some stage in the future. It provided us with a great location to start off our married life together.”— Graham, Sharlene and Ashtyn

“We loved staying at Casa de Tortugas.  Everything was wonderful, the room, pool, and the gardens were exquisite. The top floor was relaxing and the view of the bay was wonderful.” — Joyce and Phyllis

“We loved it here, very comfortable and well-thought out facilities.”  —  A. Klifa

“I would highly recommend Casa de Tortugas to our friends.  The pool was great for the kids to cool down in the afternoon.”   — D. Furney

“We enjoyed our stay very much. Loved your place. Pool and grounds were beautiful.” — D Calderon

“Rooms were beautiful, the new paint and fixtures really made them nice.  Garden was beautiful; the housekeeper is excellent and catches all the details.” —  J. Fitch

“ Beautiful facility with extra attention – great staff!” — Frank and Cathy Morse

“I love the patio, the view was superb, saw whales breaching, the fishermen going out in the morning. The pool was lovely – thank you!” — M. Stuart

“We were very pleased with our room at Casa de Tortugas.  We even used the top floor for exercise and drinks.  Pool and grounds were beautiful; we were in the pool a lot.”  — H. Grant

“I would definitely recommend Casa de Tortugas.” — Freya Andresen

“We loved your place!  The pool and grounds were very pleasant.  I loved the outdoor kitchen, and going upstairs on the roof deck to read in the early morning hours before my family was up.” — S. Zuckerman and J. Lindsay

“The pool and outdoor spaces were lovely.” — D. Brosk

“We’ve already booked our next trip there!” — J and K Cooper

“Everything was great!” — D Reeves

“The (yoga) retreat is going great and everyone loves Casa de Tortugas and are already planning to come back next year. I’m thinking of reserving for three weeks.” — N. Sprick