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970-948-5735 in US
327-219-4072 in Mexico
4 Oceano Pacifico, Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico

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  1. I just want to reconfirm dates. Arrival: 13 January. Departure: 27 th January. Tiburones Suite.

    Jeanette and Pat

  2. Llama Javier 322-146-4787

  3. Hi, Gregg,
    Wondering what your rescheduling policy is…I’ve been sick for a month, and have just started on antibiotics for sinus infection, and Ben has acute bronchitis, and possibly pneumonia, and is on meds for that…the docs are trying very hard to get us well enough to go! But if we need to reschedule, will we lose our entire payment for the 10 days?
    Please advise!
    Sue Heffer
    Phone, if you’d prefer: 970-963-2428

    • I am sorry to hear that Ben is ill. It seems there is something going around right now.
      As stated on the web site, there are no refunds. However, I will apply 90% of your payment to a future reservation if used within one year.

  4. Hi again, Gregg,
    We ARE coming on Thursday, as planned. Saw the Doc today for the 2nd time, and Ben has improved some, and it is actually part of his Rx to go to the heat, humidity and sea level of Chacala!


  5. Disponibilidad para el 3-5 de febrero para 7adultos y 7’ menor de 3 años.??

  6. One quick question, Gregg,
    Will we have access to any freezer space? We expect Arturo to let us make a “Mega” stop before leaving PV.

    • There is a bar refrigerator in both your room and the outdoor kitchen.
      They both have a small freezer for your use.

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